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Something good from twisted wood™
  • Fast & convenient: peeled wick catches instantly — lights even damp wood better.
  • Safer: no flying ash from paper means less risk of chimney or forest fires — no flammable liquids to store or spill.
  • Green: storm chips are recycled and renewable — dried without using fossil fuels.
  • Non-toxic and BBQ-friendly: Compostable cup contains only storm wood chips, CISA logosawdust, and unscented food grade-wax — leaves no flavor on your grilled food.
  • Local: Hand-made in Monson, Massachusetts
  • Makes a great gift!
Camping, fire pit, grill, fireplace, wood stove? Lights instantly — 10–20 minute flame reliably starts any fire.

Wanting to do something good with snow, hurricane and tornado damaged trees, our family recycled the wood into fire starters. We hope our starters build fires that gather your family and friends like the storms united our community. Please share them with everyone you know.

—Thank you, Jack (age 11) and Isabelle (age 7)

Click play to see how easily they start and how well they burn. Watch the highlights from this 20 minute burn demo.

Click above to listen to our recent radio interview with CISA(Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture )

Our firestarter 5 packs are great inexpensive stocking stuffers for friends and family who camp, or have fire pits, fireplaces or especially wood stoves. It is an interesting new product, with a great story and best of all, it REALLY works! Also both 5 packs and gift boxes are perfect gifts for teachers, helpers, housewarming or hostess gifts—they are inexpensive and useful.

Buy in bulk and save—24, 50 and 100 starter cases available.

Click here to give a gift that makes someone’s life easier!

Purchase your fire starters at Big Y in the Floral Dept
Purchase your fire starters at Big Y in the Floral Dept


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