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Something good from twisted wood™
  • Fast & convenient: peeled wick catches instantly — lights even damp wood better.
  • Safer: no flying ash from paper means less risk of chimney or forest fires — no flammable liquids to store or spill.
  • Green: storm chips are recycled and renewable — dried without using fossil fuels.
  • Non-toxic and BBQ-friendly: Compostable cup contains only storm wood chips, CISA logosawdust, and unscented food grade-wax — leaves no flavor on your grilled food.
  • Local: Hand-made in Monson, Massachusetts
  • Makes a great gift!
Camping, fire pit, grill, fireplace, wood stove? Lights instantly — 10–20 minute flame reliably starts any fire.
Customer Feedback

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  1. Linda Sasso, Chicopee MA

    I purchased your product at the Big E and have used them twice in my fireplace. These little cups are AWESOME!!!! You have a customer for life!

  2. Deb - East Longmeadow Ma

    A simply wonderful product and idea that came out of such devastation. I witness our June 1st Tornado first hand. I am thrilled to see you have done so much good with so much destruction. Thank you. And please support our communities and buy local!


    we were at a Master Naturalist Conference in Springfield, MO in May and stayed at the KOA, where we purchased the firestarter
    Your fire starter was amazing. One match and it was going! Keep up the e good work.

  4. pete

    can they be picked up at warehouse? if so where in monsoon?

  5. Joy Kleeman

    Wow! These are fantastic! One match was all I needed!

  6. Steve Davidson

    Saw your product on display near the Massachusetts Building at the Eastern States Exposition in September..and they looked awesome !! Unfortunately, I live in Ft Myers, Fl so I don’t have any use for them down here. But, my next trip to Alaska fishing I intend to have a 5-pack in my backpack in case of an emergency. A great firestarting product.

  7. John, manager

    What’s the true definition of a happy camper? One who can get a fire started in any weather. Tornado Firestarters: one match, one cup-hours of enjoyment. Its really that good-Its really that simple.

    The only fire starter sold at Andy’s Country Store in Bourne Scenic Park, along the banks of the Cape Cod Canal.

  8. Matt, Maine (outdoorsman)

    The Tornado starter really is quite the little blowtorch! I found it superior in heat and duration to other nationally recognized fire starters. Just give the product a chance!”

  9. Meredyth, Cape Cod

    I hadn’t tried your product until last night—we went down to Marconi Beach and had an evening fire. It really was the simplest fire I have ever started!!

  10. Dorothea, Lexington, Massachusetts

    I usually use fatwood, but using the Tornado starters, my fire started faster and hotter than any fire I’ve had in our wood stove. And I was amazed that the fire starters were still burning after 30 minutes.


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