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Something good from twisted wood™
  • Fast & convenient: peeled wick catches instantly — lights even damp wood better.
  • Safer: no flying ash from paper means less risk of chimney or forest fires — no flammable liquids to store or spill.
  • Green: storm chips are recycled and renewable — dried without using fossil fuels.
  • Non-toxic and BBQ-friendly: Compostable cup contains only storm wood chips, CISA logosawdust, and unscented food grade-wax — leaves no flavor on your grilled food.
  • Local: Hand-made in Monson, Massachusetts
  • Makes a great gift!
Camping, fire pit, grill, fireplace, wood stove? Lights instantly — 10–20 minute flame reliably starts any fire.

Can you use them in a wood stove?


Can they be used to start barbecue grills and to cook food over a campfire?

Yes. Tornado Firestarters are unique because we use unscented food-grade wax with our wood chips and sawdust. Unlike many other products, we have no chemicals, dyes or perfumes in our wax so it is completely safe to use when cooking over a fire. Best of all, they won’t leave your food tasting like a candle factory!

Does a portion of the proceeds go toward rebuilding efforts?

Yes. When we developed the concept for our company we knew we wanted to recycle the storm damaged trees; but we also wanted to help to rebuild the areas that lost trees. In September, we filled our trailer with trees and bushes that we purchased and drove around Monson, donating them to neighbors who lost trees in the storms. It was very gratifying to meet new people, listen to their stories and help them to rebuild. We are already making plans to expand this part of our business for the new year and hope that as our product grows we can help more people affected by natural disasters.

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