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Something good from twisted wood™
  • Fast & convenient: peeled wick catches instantly — lights even damp wood better.
  • Safer: no flying ash from paper means less risk of chimney or forest fires — no flammable liquids to store or spill.
  • Green: storm chips are recycled and renewable — dried without using fossil fuels.
  • Non-toxic and BBQ-friendly: Compostable cup contains only storm wood chips, CISA logosawdust, and unscented food grade-wax — leaves no flavor on your grilled food.
  • Local: Hand-made in Monson, Massachusetts
  • Makes a great gift!
Camping, fire pit, grill, fireplace, wood stove? Lights instantly — 10–20 minute flame reliably starts any fire.
Photos & News

September 27, 2012

Tornado Firestarters in CBS 3 Springfield News spot


September 20, 2012 

Something good from twisted wood:
Family starts business out of tornado debris

written by Emily Thurlow of The Journal Register, a Turley Publication







Jack watches fire department raise the flag for opening day at the Massachusetts building at the Eastern States Exposition.















Jack and Amy with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

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